How to Live the #CheeseboyLife this Festive Season
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After five years of 2020, I’m ready to live my best #CheeseboyLife this festive! That soft life where I’m just enjoying nice things and going places. But you know what’s holding me back?! It’s three things: Budget, Coco V (aka COVID-19), and level 1 restrictions! I’m sure we all feel the same.

But after watching a FOMO inducing ad from Steers, I just have to make this #CheeseboyLife a reality. Watching those guys chilling by the pool, having a good time and sharing great food, made me want to go places with my crew. I’m sure you’ve all seen it, if not be warned, you will want nice times and good food after watching this: Steers Cheeseboy Ad.

I’ve done a little digging on how I can enjoy the #CheeseboyLife with my people on a budget and safely, we don’t want any family meetings mid-December. I thought I’d share some of those tips with you. So, here are my top 4 tips on living the #CheeseboyLife during the festive:

1. Dress up and show up in a mask

Wherever the festive streets take you always wear a mask.


2.Drip so hard, don’t stand too close

Make sure everyone can see your outfit you spent hours putting together, keep a safe 1.5m distance.


3.Gazatha with your crew

You don’t want your funds to disappear before the fun has even begun so split the costs with your friends. There are great sharing deals during this time like the Cheeseboy Sharing Meal.


4.Save money, go local

Check out local gig guides for events in your area. Not only will you save on travel costs, you’ll also discover some great hang out spots.




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