How to Prevent Acne from Wearing Face Masks Regularly
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As we get more used to the idea of wearing face masks, it is important we also take care of the skin changes that may occur as a result, i.e. mask acne.

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When wearing any type of face mask, whether surgical or non-surgical, the mask causes an uncomfortable environment for your skin as it prevents the natural flow of air coming in. Additionally depending on the type of mask, they can often strip the skin of its natural oils as well as cause irritation should the mask consist of a harsh surface and texture. Over time as this continues it can cause breakouts in the form of rashes or pimples. However, fortunately there are ways to reduce this impact on the skin.

Always Keep Face Mask Clean

Besides the hot and humid environment caused by the mask, the factor of dirt can also contribute towards the development of further skin issues. Therefore, if using non-surgical masks, ensure that you wash them regularly in order to keep them clean for daily use.

Choose the Right Type of Face Mask

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Of the many different types of masks, it is important to pick the correct one for your skin type. Ensure to always go for masks that are made from cotton as it is more breathable.

Moisturize Regularly 

By moisturizing more often you are ultimately and effectively helping to replace the skin’s natural oils which were absorbed by the mask. Therefore make sure to carry you face moisturizer for this purpose.

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