How To Rock The Dark Shade Lippie
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How to slay a dark lippie like a pro!

Check out the dark lippie trend! Winter may be slowly creeping out but that doesn’t mean that we have to get rid of our dark shaded friends. Dark lipstick is not only ideal for the gloomy season, you can rock it throughout the year.

MAC’s Pro Longwear Lip Pencil


dark shaded lippie

Here is a guide that will help you look like a glam Goth:

  • Make sure your lips are moisturized with a thin layer of any lip balm and Vaseline of your choice.
  • Use a lip liner that matches your lipstick, lightly trace the inner part of your lips and make sure it’s neat.
  • Apply the desired lippie in the middle part of your lip. Gently slide on each sides and make sure not to smudge it up.

MAC’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour


dark shaded lippie

The difference between matte and gloss

The trickiest part of buying make up is not knowing the difference between a matte and glossy lippie finish. With so many formulas and finishes, lipstick comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and aroma. It’s a challenging task but there are so many options available. Opt for a glossy look if you suffer from dry lips, try to avoid matte brands because once applied they cause thin cracks on your lips and you might end up bleeding. However, if you want a more subtle look that lasts longer and gives you perfect coverage, go for matte.

MAC’s Lipglass


dark shaded lippie

  • Don’t wear too much, dark lipstick may attract a lot of attention especially if it doesn’t compliment your skin tone.
  • Take into consideration the shape and texture of your lips.
  • Make sure you don’t stain your lips, it’s a tricky thing to avoid.
  • Lip liners should be your best friend. Dont leave the house without it!

Celebs that can school us about wearing dark shades

dark shaded lippie


dark shaded lippie

Shekhinahdark shaded lippie

Nadia Nakai

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