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Ice-Rolling, The Latest Skin Care Treatment for Healthier Skin



With effective skin care treatments such as cryotherapy and CoolSculpting becoming more and more popular, it’s no wonder the craze for cold has developed to meet more customers through a reasonable price range and accessibility point. Introducing the beauty industry’s latest skin care development tool, the ice roller.

Image Source: Stacked Skin

The tool works by simply massaging the skin with an ice roller that resembles the appearance of a paint roller. The gadget contains a mixture of water and gel that quickly turns to ice when frozen in a freezer. The only difference is, unlike ice, the gel/water mixture takes much longer to melt thus increasing the time to reap the rewards of the ice treatment.

Image Source: Pulse

It is reported that the benefits of this treatment are many ranging from reducing puffiness to enhancing the skin’s radiance. The freezing roller application increases circulation by bringing more blood to the surface of the skin thus improving radiance and promoting maximum cell function. Additionally, the ice roller is well known to effectively reduce puffiness as well as redness, similarly to how an ice pack aids in reducing swelling and bruising.

For the most part, the at-home ice rolling process does not hurt. However, when using the roller it is not recommended that one keeps it at one area of the face for too long as it can get very cold.

As far as how to effectively use the product, it is advised that one rolls in a zig-zag direction covering key facial areas such as the forehead, nose, cheeks and the t-zone. The use can be extended by rolling down under the chin through to the neck area as well as on the collarbone and upper chest area. Although advised to roll as often as one would like, it is important to know that too much of anything is bad and so it is recommended that one sticks to a reasonable ice rolling schedule.

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