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ICYMI: Emtee- Ghetto Hero Video

Award winning artist, Emtee has dropped the highly anticipated visuals of his joint, Ghetto Hero and they are something to behold!  Just in time for Father’s Day, the We Up hitmaker has unleashed a tribute song to all the unsung heroes in the hood. In Ghetto Hero, Emtee goes back to the essence of what made him who and what he is today and pays it forward to all those men who have nothing and everything at the same time.

The video follows a man who wakes up and works to provide for his family. He spends the day with his son and through out the day they go through challenges such as losing out on piece jobs, giving food to the homeless even when they themselves are hungry and helping out a man who just got robbed. This man does all he can to make life easier for his family and also be there for his children and those around him despite what society portrays the black man in the hood. 

The stripped nature of the beat is not typical of Emtee but gives this joint an intimate and soft nature which allows us to listen to the message without any distractions. This video also tells the story of the song very well and depicts the themes delicately and without making the viewer pity the man. There are heart wrenching moments in the video where the viewer is rooting for this man to win. 

The location of the video does not stray too far from the usual that we have seen form the rapper concerning the fact that it is shot in the hood. The quality is also consistent. 

Peep the video below! 

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