ICYMI: Faith Nketsi Officially Drops a Makeup Range
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From reality shows to music to now beauty, Faith Nketsi shows us that she is a woman of many talents having just dropped her very own makeup range.

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The 25 year old model, musician and T.V. star of reality show, “Have Faith” announced the exciting news on her Instagram on Women’s Day writing:

“I’m so excited to finally introduce you to a project that’s so close to my heart and took me so long to perfect. I’m finally confident to introduce you to @febeauty_cosmetics. Happy Women’s Day.” 

To promote and showcase her makeup products in action, Nketsi also shared a glam video featuring lots of pink balloons, great vibes and of course amazing makeup. The clip served as a makeup tutorial to demonstrate the versatility of her products such as the eyeshadow palette which also doubles up as a lip liner, perfect for mastering any lip look.


And just when you thought it ended there, also included in Nketsi’s makeup range is a body glow spray which is a relatively new product that has been warmly received in the beauty community. With an Instagram page of its own, you can find images of all the Fe Beauty Cosmetics products online. They range from limited edition lipsticks to eyebrow pencils and more. So make sure to give the brand some love @febeauty_cosmetics.

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