ICYMI: Faith Nketsi Teases Music Video For Ishuu
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Faith Nketsi recently released an EP almost as a taunt to everyone in the Hip-Hop game titled Disrespectful. The seven-track EP saw the confident Faith Nketsi take on already established female hip hop artists in South Africa with the track Ishu. To reinforce the claims of being the ‘nicest’, even though a novice in the game, she had no features.

Faith also recently had her first live performance at the venue in Soweto as part of the line up at Porryland by DJ Maphorisa. She posted a snippet of her performance on Instagram captioned;

“This one is for the books 💃🏼💃🏼

My first ever performance as a rapper 😩. Thank you so so much for the support 😭💃🏼💃🏼. My heart is full ❤️😍 #porryland”


Not so long ago Faith took her Instagram page to debut her unreleased music video for her track Ishuu.


Ishuu is the opening track of the EP and is by far is her most prolific bearing her newer fans that recognise her as a ‘rapper’. The visuals look on point and by the looks of it, she will be carrying the theme that she is a ‘Boss’ into the video. You see she smoking a Cigar which is a sign of superiority and she takes a sit a desk filled with money.

We surely cant wait to see the full visuals out but unfortunately Faith does not mention when are the visuals going to be out for us to marvel on.

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