ICYMI: K.O Collects First Plaque For 2020 For “Supa Dupa”
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K.O receives plaque for Supa Dupa, his first single from his third studio album PTYUnLtd

While the rest of us are taking in the new year and making our resolutions a reality, K.O is already winning. The multi-award winning artist shared images of his first ever plaque for 2020 for his 2019 single, Supa Dupa.

Taking to his Instagram, K.O reflected on how his faith in God helped him through the toughest time in his life before boldly flexing that this was the only Hip Hop record to get a plaque.

“Never doubted God even for a min when I was going through it coz I’m big investing in good karma. Young world, study my story close and my failures even closer! Only 2019 hiphop record with a plaque #SupaDupa #PTYUnLtd #14yearsandcounting

Supa Dupa, which dropped in March 2019, was the first single to drop from the rapper’s third studio album, PTYUnLtd. The song , which dropped along with colourful visuals, announced what would be the rapper’s return to the main stage after a two year hiatus.

In Supa Dupa, K.O details why he took time away from music, his experience in the industry and keeping things positive while he rises above his woes. In a short Instagram video, K.O explains why he made Supa Dupa and what it means. 

“Supa Dupa means it’s a state of mind, a special place where you go, your work ethic, destiny align, every single step that you take is just the one and nothing can ever derail you or sidetrack you on anything,” he says. 

A great way to start the year, don’t you think? 

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