ICYMI: Mihlali Ndamse Reaches 1 Million Followers on Instagram!
Published 8 months ago by

It’s been nothing but congratulations all around for the South African beauty queen, Mihlali Ndamse when she and her followers learned that she reached 1 million followers on Instagram.


The gorgeous and stylish influencer has accumulated an impressive 1 million following on the Gram through sharing her fun beauty tutorials and make-up tips with her audience while also collaborating with international brands. To thank her fans and followers, Ndamase took to her IG to show appreciation for their love and support through her digital journey.

As one of the highest-paid influencers in the game, reaching 1 million followers attests to her sheer hard work and dedication to producing quality content for her audience resulting in high engagement and impressive brand partnerships.

Although it is quite rare to have a content creator reaching 1 million followers within the local influencer landscape especially using only their online channel to host their content ultimately transforming it into a full time job, Mihlali continues to break boundaries by proving that the content creator industry is indeed a lucrative one.

It is exactly because of the hustle of this industry that we are able to enjoy and marvel at talents like Ndamase who has catapulted herself into celebrity status all thanks to the power of the internet. There’s nothing else left to expect but more from this hardworking powerhouse. More work, more content, more traveling, and some more chuckles now and again.

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