ICYMI: Mpho Sebeng Launches Fashion Label, Love Luse
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In case you missed it, Mpho Sebeng has officially ventured out into the fashion space with the launch of his very own brand, Love Luse.


According to the 26 year old Ring of Lies actor, the brand is a contemporary street style fashion label that specializes in producing athleisurewear for men and women. With the brand’s inspiration rooted in spreading positivity, it features interesting design styles that help express the different emotions of the wearer.

“The idea around love Luse is to remember to speak fondly to ourselves, to think thoughts of progression as opposed to fixating on the negative aspects that we may face. These garments are a projection of the movement to remember to give ourselves the love that freely give to the world kwa mele siz’nakekele, take care of ourselves and essentially write love letters to our self and address every situation with love first.”

Mpho Sebeng 

Going even further into the deeper meaning of Love Luse, the brand is a representation of his ever evolving art which stems out to include acting.

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Phum’uba tchele!

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“I do believe art has many aspects to it, and what I’m doing is evolving into another part within my art. I’m practically trying to ground my feet within this other form of art which is fashion. I’ve always loved fashion, I’ve always seen clothes as my ideal way of expressing certain emotions.”

Mpho Sebeng

The young creative has been working on the brand for two years now and is thrilled to see it finally come to life. So make sure to check out Love Luse’s latest range at the link here.

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