ICYMI: The Big Hash Teases New Single Ft. Kwesta Titled “High School”
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The Big Hash shares snippet of a new joint he did with Kwesta titled High School, we are here for it!

If we were to compile a list of collaborations we never saw coming, The Big Hash and Kwesta would easily top that list. This is mostly because they are from different schools of thought as far as their approach to music and they noticeably cater to completely different market. Great collaborations are built on this precise principal and we are happy to report that The Big Hash and Kwesta have a song coming out soon. Titled High School, the new joint is produced by Innanetwav super producer, 808x.

The Big Hash took to Instagram to share a throw forward to the song but hasn’t announced when it will drop.


From the short snippet we’ve heard, the sound on High School is sophisticated. There are clear Trap influences as well as a New Wave vibe to production that makes High School sound contemporary. We have no word as to when the single is expected to drop but it is seemingly close. 

In an interview with Ms Cosmo on The Stir Up, The Big Hash spoke in depth about why he is an exceptional artist and why he thinks people resonate a lot with his music. 

“The only reason why people actually listen to my music is because I’m honest. More honest than others reason being because I’m honest from a kid’s perspective. I’m honest for a lot of people who can’t be honest to their parents you known what I’m saying. I represent a whole new generation and I speak of experiences that are being felt by this generation right now.”

Are you looking forward to this new joint with Kwesta? Let us know! 

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