Ishmael Samples Takalani Sesame Soundtrack In New Single
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Ishmael definitely has a recipe for a viral hit! The veteran singer and songwriter goes back in time in his new single titled Ever Since (Takalani). He went back in time, take that kids show everyone loved, reminisce on the theme song then sample it into a groovy production speaking of dreams and the hustle it takes to achieve them.

Ever Since (Takalani) is a sample from the South African version of Sesame Street;  Takalani  translates to happiness in TshiVenda. It features up and coming artist Bongani Radebe. 

It is clear from this song that Ishamel still has it. He sounds as crisp as he did back in his Jozi days. He sings about how he has always wanted to be famous and in the spotlight. But it didn’t end just as a dream; he actually went out, hustled and got to live out his dream. Bongani Radebe does a decent job and manages to bring some freshness to this Trap influenced joint. 

The single dropped a about a week ago and the response has been nothing but positive. It looks like Ishmael will never go out of style will he? Ever Since (Takalani) is available for purchase on all major digital stores

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