Jabulani Cindi announces The Yacht Club Tapes and releases single ’22 Missed Calls’
Published 2 years ago by

He is a rapper and producer from Durban.

His sounds range from old school boom bap influence to grime and even kwaito. After making appearances on Robin Thirdfloor’s recent mixtape Zithande both as a rapper and in the production Jabulani is now planning to release his new mixtape titled The Yacht Club Tapes and while we wait we got the new single ’22 Missed Calls’ song and video to keep us company.

Produced by the main man himself, the song starts off with the ambient sounds of the waves hitting the harbor at The Yacht Club and builds into a very melodic beat and catchy hook.

Jabulani recorded the entire song in 1 take, almost like a live performance and says he has been experimenting with that format throughout the entire project.

On the song he talks about what he is going through as a young independent artist, entrepreneur and juggling that with trying to have a normal relationship with his girl which can get a bit tricky since he is a workaholic.

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