Jean Daniel
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Jean Daniel (1)

Charismatic, flamboyant, energetic, OUTLANDISHLY STYLISH, charming and funny are just some of the few adjectives you can use to describe Jean Daniel. A fashion lover by nature, Jean has done shoots for VOGUE Italia Africa as well as walking at the Johannesburg and South African Fashion week. In 2011 he joined Transafrica radio as a co-host with Raphael Griffiths and the pair quickly became a tag team that went to cover various major events with the highlights of interviewing David Guetta, Trey Songs and African heavy weights such as “Mo Cheddah” as well as Mc’ing at the “Ice Prince” concert.

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In 2012 he was one of the four winners of the “Miller Fresh Snaps country wide competition, which strengthened his brand as a model. In 2013 he was asked by MARKHAM online to showcase their summer range on his blog www.juiceplane.com.

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Jean is a musician too as he has worked with his buddy Raphael Griffiths as the pair have released a single titled “goggles” which has received a lot of good reviews and the music video has recently been released. In the past two years he has proven to handle great responsibility in various fields undoubtedly proving that he can raise his star power can rise and continue to become an African ambassador in the arts field.

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