Johnny Cradle: Breath of FRESH air
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The South African music scene is bursting with life and live music should be credited with the energy and the vibe. There are bands that are few and far between that are making an impact in the South African music arena. One such a band is Johnny Cradle who describe themselves as “the man sitting next to you on your way to work. He is the guy who brings you your coffee and serves you good sex at night.” They are quirky as they are talented.

The band comprises of 3 members; Tebogo J Mosane on drums, Chris Lombard on guitars and Sakumzi Qumana on synthesizer, keyboards and vocals. This collective have been doing music together for the past 2 years and describe their sound as “Roots Electro” because of the fusion of hip hop and soul elements. Their production process includes a Fender Rhodes, a MOOG, a Xhosa voice, drums, a guitar and the sound that comes from these is both futuristic and now.


Listening to their songs, I found myself wanting to freestyle to some of their beats because that’s how relaxed and laid back it made me feel. The guys expressed that any emotional response to their music is what compels them to create the music that they do and the responses they receive from fans have only been positive. Besides the comforting baseline and the world of talent between the 3 of them, it’s the topics that they explore in their music that keeps me in awe. These topics, among others, are: “learning to love freely, creating a balance between personal life and obligations on an everyday basis, the tension between aspiration and what stands in the way. Winds and losses. We explore these topics because they can only express what is relevant to us and what we are feeling.”

Most artist face the same challenges as Johnny Cradle such as budget, expenses like studio time, logistical issues like poor sound engineering at events and not being taken seriously because you are unknown. “It’s a pain for us to spend so much money on the type of gear and things we need to be able to deliver at our best and still get paid little“, they said.


What can we expect from Johnny Cradle? “A video in a week or two and an EP right after that, as well as an animated video. Another EP to match a live get up and OppiKoppi more radio performances and some fresh looks for the gram”. Well, we cannot wait!

Check them out on their website Johnnycradle.co.za as well as on their social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for any upcoming shit. They will be performing at Basha Uhuru Music Festival tomorrow.

Check out their music video for uLate below and tell us what you think!


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