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Kanye West performs for 10 000 fans

He is one of the most awarded artists of all-time; a musical genius whose lyrics have become the soundtrack of our generation, and Kanye West’s performance at the Feel the Beat of Sub Zero Experience this past weekend most certainly did not disappoint.

With a name meaning ‘Only One’ in Swahili, Kanye hit the stage as the headline act for one unforgettable performance at Castle Lite’s highly anticipated Feel the Beat of Sub-zero Experience live in Jozi on the 2nd of February 2013.

The sold out venue was filled with fans and Jozi’s socialites who did not want to miss out on an opportunity to be part of the exclusive experience. All 10 000 guests made a statement participating in the ‘all white dress code’ in support of No Regret Friday, encouraging all South African’s to ‘Regret Nothing’ by consuming alcohol responsibly and rethinking their reckless attitude towards drinking and driving. Guests were blown away with the set up and production, as the venue was transformed into a distinctive glacial setting as Africa’s largest igloo, with a 95 meter screen, the largest ever concert screen in the Southern Hemisphere.

This became the background to a unique experiential component, as the screens were transformed via projection mapping into a 3D landscape creating a remarkable and immersive experience for the guests, allowing them to be the first people to experience projection mapping at a concert in South Africa.

This remarkable technology showed off the opening acts and talent, as some of South Africa’s most celebrated local artists were put together for a ‘never seen before’ type collaboration. Kanye West performed some of people’s favourite chart topping hits and blew people away with his spell-bounding lyrics, wardrobe accessories and changes and not to forget his innovative sound.

“In all the experience was more than a concert, it was a fully fledged entertainment experience which was the first of its kind in Mzansi. Castle Lite is all about innovation and I believe we truly really pushed the envelope in all aspects of the second installation of Feel the Beat of Sub Zero Experience. We are thrilled with the outcome!” remarked Andrea Quaye, General Manager for Castle Lite.

  • omg i really missed out on this concert, would there be a video on the concert maybe wow…big ups to all who understood colour white f0r the theme!!!!

  • The best night …. He blew me away.I wouldn’t mind going back to his concert anywhere in the world.

  • We had a blast over the weekend. Thanks again Castle Lite for maiking things happen.


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