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South Africa get ready to be treated to new a season of fresh and engaging eKasi dramas. The 6th Season, which showcases the intricacies of current kasi life, was filmed in Gauteng (Soweto), Mpumalanga (Malelane), and Kwa-Zulu Natal (Newcastle). The dramas will broadcast every Monday from 09 November 2015 to 21 March 2016 at 9PM on e.tv.
The series explores the real life tales of different townships across the country. This season’s dramas will feature stories focusing on issues such as SMS scams, baby mama dramas, drug abuse, family disputes and serial killers. The production of eKasi stories is done by emerging filmmakers hungry to tell stories which mirror the ever changing Lokshin lifestyle. The series is aimed at showcasing brewing talent in the South African film industry.

The stories boasts a stellar cast consisting of renowned South African actors working side by side with up-and-coming talent. Viewers can look forward to vibrant performances by experienced actors from various popular shows e.tv has produced. Some of the renowned actors featured are Rebecca Malope plays the lead in Battle of my son while Khabonina plays a lead in Gug’othandwayo.

Here is what you can expect from the following episodes:

Episodic Synopses:
Monday, 09 November
A desperate couple receives a fake sms notification letting her to know of the money they won from unknown competition. They call the number provided on the sms and told of the amount she has to deposit to a certain account to facilitate the funds transfer.
Monday, 16 November
Birthday Boy
An ambitious young writer is invited to write a book about a notorious serial killer dubbed – the dollar sign killer. She wants to write the book to further her writing career hoping it’ll win her a book prize and gain her fame.
The new season of eKasi starts on Monday, 09 November at 9PM.

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