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Keep that melanin poppin’



Keep that melanin poppin'

In 2015, hashtags such as #MelaninMonday #MelaninPopping #BlackOut #BlackLivesMatter #BlackGirlsAreMagic blew up on social media platforms, all in the name of celebrating black people, but more especially black women. Which brings me to the reason why I am writing this. I am writing this for all the beautiful black women in the world. Listen, you magnify the universe.

Growing up, the only beautiful people in the world for me were white people. The more light skinned you were as a black person, the ‘prettier’ you were. Because the lighter you are, the closer you were to whiteness. I was programmed to think that black people are not beautiful unless they looked like the models on magazines with straight long hair and perfect light skin. But honey, real black women have curly course hair and sun kissed dark skin. Those magazines were just selling me lies.

I remember we used to make fun of the dark skinned people. We’d call them abo ‘sash’ and ‘mnyamani’. No one wanted to be dark skinned and we didn’t realise that we were shying away from our true selves. In high school there was a trend of bleaching your skin. A girl by the name of Tshepi (not real name) was constantly teased for her dark skin, it was so bad that she resorted to bleaching her skin with a bleaching cream called Memeza. The problem with bleaching your skin is that some parts of your body remain dark and you end up having an uneven skin tone, moral of the story : Don’t fux with that melanin girl.

Melanin absorbs sun, light and all the glorious things of this world. “Melanin is the fundamental unit of the universe and exists in four forms; Cosmic, Planetary, Plant kingdom (chlorophyll) and animal kingdom melanin. Melanin is black because its chemical structure allows no energy to escape, making black melanin the super absorber of energy and light. The black human can rearrange his/her melanin just by being in the sun or around the right type of music or other energy sources. Melanin itself, on a philosophical plane is a black chemical/ biological door through which the life force of African spirituality passes in moving from the spirit to the material realm.”  – Loem.

It”s so beautiful to watch black girls and women celebrating each other, being unapologetic about that blackness and slaying while doing it! Keep that melanin popping. #BlackGirlsAreMagic #BlackLivesMatter shouldn’t just be hashtags but our daily mantras.

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