A Year Later, A Kid Fonque Sophomore Album Is On The Way
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It has been a year since Kid Fonque dropped his debut album “I Move To A Different Beat”. A project that was exclusively about the music and did not adhere to the walls and confines that existed for contemporary electronic music. By individuals that believe had to be linear and focus on a single genre or stick to a singular mood.


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This album was a project that was 20 years in the making. It was a culmination of 20 years of music experience as a curator and working as an Exec at Soulcandi. All the knowledge and music know-how, including the influence that inspired him musically, were all put into a nicely packaged 12-track album that music lovers across the country fell facefirst for.

Over the weekend, Kid Fonque announced exciting news for his fans and music lovers across the country. Kid Fonque announce that he is working on a new album alongside Jonny Miller.

“Just before lockdown I started writing an album with one of my closest friends @jonnymillermusic. Today we drop our first single with house music royalty @jaideneveda_
Now available on all platforms. 🔗 in bio
Album due July 2020 🗓”

-Kid Fonque, Instagram.

Kid Fonque x Jonny Miller – Somewhere (feat. Jaidene Vada)

In the true nature of Stay True Sounds, Kid Fonque did not release just the one song without letting us know what else the song could be. The song was released as part of a collection of different renditions of the same song. Offering us a Dream Dub and an instrument only version. Where we are pulled in to focus on the true essences of the track.

The difference of simply removing the vocals off the track would produce such and difference to the entire feel of the song. it is so astounding. Have a listen below and leave a comment tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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