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The Northern Cape is known for diamonds and the great Kimberley hole. Recently, other attractions have been added to the province such as the Maloof Skating competition and probably the most loved son of Kimberley, Idols presenter and rapper, Proverb. While everyone was busy celebrating these wonderful achievements, in the streets of Kimberley a revolution was brewing, this in the form of another rapper, Krossword. This young man who has to date worked on 5 mixed tapes and by his own doing has built up an impressive fan base, featured on Hype Magazine and performed on multiple stages nationwide. Over the last 3 years, his mix tapes have amassed over 6000 downloads. One of the songs from his last mixtape, Gusheshe music caught the attention of record company owner, Nkululeko Nxasana and this resulted in Krossword landing an attractive recording deal with Blaqk Records.

Nkululeko believed in Krossword enough to invest in the young man’s talent. He immediately summoned the production expertise of legends such as Beatmaker, Nyambo, Shota and Instro to start work on Krosswords debut album to be titled “The Diamond Rush”. While working with the country’s top studio producers, the album is set to be a star studded affair. Krossword has recorded songs with RJ Benjamin, Aya, Emza and Kabomo. His first single, “Changes” where features SAMA nominee and Metro FM Award winner Kabomo. This is a soulful love jam that displays a musical maturity unexpected from a 22 yr old. The single made its national and continental radio debut on 11 June 2012 and has made Krossword a darling of rap lovers both at home and across our borders. The single’s debut create a twitter buzz as the response from fans and new was nothing short a breath-taking.

“Its been an honor and a learning experience for me to work with such talented artists and producers. I used to watch these guys as a fan, and Blaqk Records have given me the opportunity, to be counted amongst them”. The album will also have a number of other famous guest appearances and is expected to be released in the summer of 2012. Krossword draws inspiration from his homeboy Proverb and other international rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye West. His single, Changes is available on sale on-line and through mobile downloads across all networks.

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