Kwesta shows off his PLATINUM accolades
Published 2 years ago by

It cannot be denied by anyone that Kwesta is indeed one of the very few South African artists who work both hard and smart. One can only imagine how life-changing the last two years have been for Kwesta, his family and his stable, and now the hours he put in into his craft are starting to pay off. The RapLyf frontman showed off his accolades on his Twitter account with a tweet listing all his hit singles and their status where sales are concerned.

In the list, Kwesta went as back as his 2015 single “Nomayini” that caught fire once the video dropped. According to the Kwesta list, Nomayini” has gone triple platinum since its release. Singles that have followed like “Day One” with AKA and Tweezy, “Mayibabo” with KoolKat and DJ Bucks have both gone platinum too. The standouts are Ngud” which has gone platinum seven times, “Spirit” is three times platinum and “Ngiyazifela” is now Diamond!

Kwesta has definitely earned his stripes and he has the bragging rights to show off his hard work. This means that the money is sitting pretty in the bank account. Check out the list below, let us know what you think of this in our comment section below!

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