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Laduma Responds To The Maxhosa Rug Pricing Disapproval



With his presence filling up the boardroom at Mesh in Rosebank, the surprisingly soft spoken Laduma Ngxokolo of the premium brand – Maxhosa by Laduma had an intimate chat with us. The globally acclaimed designer let us in on his future endeavor, and of course – calmly addressed the mayhem on social media regarding his latest offering, the Maxhosa Rug.

Social media went up in arms earlier this month when Mr Ngxokolo revealed the new rug offering, saying that it is overpriced with its R18 000 price tag. Some went to the extent of alleging that black owned African brands are targeting the European market, and not necessarily the people they draw inspiration from.


Laduma explained the pricing of his range, not just the rug. He says that he uses textiles, methods and human resources (some being our parents whom he would not like to see underpaid like in China) of the highest quality to produce his products.


“People have the psych on not seeing themselves being in the same position as big players in the luxury industries. We as designers have ambitions. Normal people have ambitions of being doctors, of being accountants. They also want to be the best in their respective fields and get paid fair salaries. They would not want to offer their expertise at a cheap rate”, the Art Director for Maxhosa by Laduma calmly protested.

One of Laduma’s ambitions is to become the best designer, not just on the African continent, but across the oceans. With those ambitions comes the cost to match. He says he would choose to use superior quality over its inferior counterpart at any given moment.

He further added that the same people protesting for cheaper prices will be the same people to ditch your brand the moment it becomes redundant.

“Black owned brands that defused their brands very low to a point where the people who they were trying to make the prices affordable enough for, after a certain period would feel that they do not want to by that certain product because it was everywhere. Exclusivity is one of the offerings we offer to our clients”, says Laduma.

Before saying that luxury African brands are overpriced, we suggest that one looks at them with the same eye they do their European counterparts.

Mr Ngxokolo also shared with us his new exciting plans for the brand and gave us his insight and thoughts about the current state of street wear culture in South Africa.

Stay tuned to Zkhiphani.com for the full interview coming soon.



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