Lady Zamar On Emotional & Sexual Abuse Claims: “I’m setting the record straight”
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Lady Zamar opens up about being abused and being in therapy for it

On Wednesday morning, the country woke up to explosive revelations that singer and songwriter, Lady Zamar was allegedly sexually and verbally abused. The This is Love hit maker took to her Twitter account to detail the abuse and what her mind state was during all of it. 

“I’m only responding coz I’m exhausted.. I’ve moved on Loooong ago and yerrr I’m still dragged into that messy mans life. What must I do to get you guys to stop with the tags and mentions? … If I was a normal girl who no one knew I’d be left alone but coz I’m in the public?”

She confirms that not only was she abused and sexually assaulted, but also that she was lied to and cheated on. Furthermore, she didn’t know that the man was married and doesn’t consider herself a side chick because she didn’t know. “So did you ask him about his wife? N**** swears up and down he is not married..” she tweets. 

She also claims that she often got inboxes and calls from people who tried to warn her and that she didn’t leave because she was afraid to.

Lady Zamar also claims that she was in therapy for some time because of the negative effects this whole ordeal had on her health and well being.

Although she did not mention who the abuser was, it didn’t take long for Tweeps to figure out that she was referring to Sjava. Twitter has been having a field day, sharing their opinions and comments on Lady Zamar’s explosive allegations, with the name #LadyZamar, #Sjava and #MenAreTrash topping the Twitter trend list. 

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