Leaked Apple Release Schedule Reveals Rumored iPhone 12 Details
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As many wait in anticipation for the announcement of the next generation iPhone release date, rumors have been flying in the air about a leaked Apple release schedule that supposedly contains pretty accurate predictions.

Image Source: Forbes

According to trusted Apple product insider, Jon Prosser, the event for the launch of the next generation iPhone will take place on 12 October after the debut of Apple’s upcoming new watch as well as iPad taking place in September. From that point, the iPhone 12 will then be made available for pre-ordering on the same day of the iPhone launch with specific shipping details commencing on 19 October. For those wondering about the iPhone 12 Pro models, those will be expected to release later on in November as specified dates are still unknown.

Image Source: Tom’s Guide

However, if you are feeling a little skeptical about Prosser’s predictions, the tech enthusiast assures that when it comes down to it, he has never been incorrect about a product announcement, tweeting:

“Reminder: though my overall track record is around 80%, I’ve never actually gotten a product announcement date wrong.”


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