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Lebo Mathosa’s luke warm musical tribute

A couple of months ago the veteran actor and director Sello Maake Ka-Ncube told the media that he is working on a musical tribute musical to honor the life of the late local legendary singer Lebo Mathosa, “It’s actually inspired by Mama Mia and We Will Rock You [Queen], and how their music is kept alive by turning them into stage musicals” he said. Basically the play is about the chronicles of Lebo’s life from her teenage years through to her coming into prominence as part of the ensemble, Boom Shaka, culminating in her solo career and her untimely death.

Rami Chuene was the narrator and even though she tried hard to be spontaneous and entertaining, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that she didn’t properly rehearse as she kept on forgetting some of her lines. The first part of the show was mind blowing as the girls were showing off some cool dance moves on stage, the choreography was outstanding but after a while it all became monotonous as it lacked strong content. TV personality and socialite Masechaba Lekalake wrote on Facebook “I attended the premier of Drama Queen with Theo Nhlengethwa at the State Theatre last night. Sindi Nene and Khanyi Mbau gave OUTSTANDING performances! From a content perspective however, I was extremely disappointed by the lack of RESEARCH. The format was weak; and Sello Maake trivialised Lebo Mathosa’s legacy. Her life was greatly misrepresented! Totally disrespectful to Lebo and the people with whom she shared her life”.

  • yoh… and i was thinking of going to see it..

  • I totally agree with this review. U can also see my opinion of the show on http://queercontessa.blogspot.com

  • I caught it last week thurs …. It didn’t sit well with me, the spareness of research??? It looked like a rehearsal…there were medium moments (khanyi ws a resfreshing sight with vibrancy n other girls were a vocal feast) bt the show is nt bad nor great either, flat n no depth @ all which is far frm theee legend …. High moments were when any of lebo’s hits came on n the audiance roared n bonded ,I myt hav as well turned my back against the stage.

  • I agree that the show it wasn’t as good as it was promised to be, very long (3h30mins) and the dead intervals of 15mins. However I’ve got you stress on this, I got very irritated by the Tall guy on stage assuming his a musical director. Walking on stage like he had something to do with the band nor the actual play.. High moment where the hit songs came and everyone was on their feet!!!

  • I totally agree with the reviews,it could have been a great show,we all expected nothing but the best! I personally as the Late Lebo Mathosa’s friend know exactly the standard she had an how she would have wanted this to happen,but i say Let’s be positive considering the fact that the are people who have gone out of their way to put up this Tribute show,the only problem is No hard core research was made!very sad:(Disaster

  • But big up to the cast,it could have been better though! Let’s not Blame,this goes to show that there will only be 1 Lebo Mathosa:)

  • My take on the show I think it was outstanding one of a kind,why do we always have something negetive to say why some of us never had this idea an stop talking why not wright a book about Lebo then if u think u will tell the story better.People should go out an see the show it’s amazing.


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