‘Light’-Hearted New Sol Campaign Aims To Show A New Lens Through Which To View The World
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The Sunny Side Up campaign offers consumers an ‘upside’ to look forward to, even in trying times

While 2020 certainly turned out to be 20-plenty, it was not in the ways in which anyone expected. South Africans faced numerous challenges over the past few years but proved to be a resilient crowd, and persevered. To provide a moment of respite, even as we approach winter, Sol Beer launched a brand-new digital campaign – Sunny Side Up, which offers consumers an ‘upside’ to look forward to, even in trying times.

Sol Beer, together with its partner agency, RAPT Creative, conceptualised a campaign that aimed to provide an alternate lens through which to see the world. These alternatives show a differing view regarding how situations can be perceived. 

“When we embarked on this journey, we quickly realised that if we really wanted to compete as a key player in the market, we needed to determine what makes us different.” says Sol Brand Manager, Warrick Wyngaard.

The brand did this in the campaign by taking situations that could have been seen as doom and gloom and provided a positive lens upon which to look at them as it evidenced by the Sol brothers and sisters used in the campaign to portray the campaign narrative.

Tough times never last, only tough people’ and Sol wanted to turn the frowns upside down

“What makes the Sunny Side Up campaign particularly relevant to our audience, is that it plays on the fact that South Africans, even when faced with tough times, never take themselves too seriously. As we say – ‘tough times never last, only tough people’ and Sol wanted to turn the frowns – sometimes embodied by our country – upside down and encourage our fans to dig deep to find resilience. We all have an optimist within” adds Wyngaard.

Wyngaard reiterated that while the brand does not aim to make light of difficult situations faced by the country, it does aim to inspire those watching to adopt a positive outlook on life.  

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Featuring some of South Africa’s celebrated content curators and actors as the campaign faces, Lindah Majola, Farieda Metsileng and Mandi Mansnothot Sunny Side Up campaign creates a lens from which to view our world and challenges differently.

“Life is all about perspective, the inner optimist. Often, it’s the softest voice that needs to be amplified. Especially right now and, especially right here,” concludes Wyngaard.

 Mzansi, this one is for you. You with the smile on your face. Let’s celebrate with a drink inspired by the sun. #TasteTheSun with Sol.

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