Lionel Richie Thinks Trevor Noah Is ‘Very Funny’
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It must be nice to have your name in the vocab of many a great artist and American personalities. South African comedian, Trevor Noah has made a formidable mark the world over, impressing his funny self onto the likes of superstars, the Carters (Beyonce and Jay Z), Bill Gates, Jim Carey, Rihanna and even Snoop Dogg.

The latest US star to praise our Trevor for being a “very funny man” is legendary singer and songwriter, Lionel Richie. The “king of love songs”, as he’s come to be known by fans worldwide, took to his Instagram yesterday to hail The Daily Show host for being an “inspiration”.


It appears Lionel was among the audiences that had gone out to see Trevor perform at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. In the picture, which sees Lionel holding a smiling Trevor by the shoulder and pointing at him, the All Night Long singer captions: “Very funny man. Great seeing you at work my brother. You inspire, you educate, you make us laugh”.

Trevor reciprocated his love for the Commodores band member by posting the same photo and captioning it: “…Lionel came to the show we had a great time and then we partied for most of the evening”.

In other news, Bill Gates has once again reiterated his love for our funny man when he posted this tweet where he names Trevor as one of his favourite comedians.

South Africans were, of course, more than happy to have one of their own endorsed by one of the richest man in America.

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