LIST: Here Are 5 African Films You Should Check Out
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Today we bring you a list of 5 African Films that you must give a watch. The well written films will take you on a journey of your life as you walk in the lives of different characters from Africa.

Indemnity (2022)

This well marketed film is bound to grab your attention. By fire by force, the storyline will have you drooling for more as the film is action packed. The south African film is starring one of your favourite African actors and actresses like Gail Mabalane. The film is about, ‘An ex-firefighter, falsely accused of killing his wife, must fight for survival when connections are revealed between his past and a wide-ranging government conspiracy with terrifying implications.’

If this is your type of movie then feel free to head over to the cinemas to go watch it.

Silverton Siege (2022)

The history based film will definitely have you jaw dropping during the peak of action in the movie. The character traits were well handed as the actors executed the ‘mission successfully’. The film is about a trio on a mission and they up, ‘Following a high speed car chase with the police after a thwarted sabotage mission, the trio end up seeking refuge in a South African bank in Silverton, Pretoria. Taking the bank and its customers hostage and demanding the release of Nelson Mandela in exchange for release of the prisoners, the stakes and tensions run high.’

You can go watch it on Netflix via the link below:


The boy who harnessed the wind (2019)

The Malawian film touches on the True Story of ‘William Kamkwamba (Maxwell Simba), who is a young teenager when a terrible drought strikes, leaving his village on the edge of starvation.’ The inspiring will movie have you wanting to become a hero in your own life as the adventure never ends.

You can watch the movie on Netflix below:


From Durban to Tomorrow (2020)

From Durban to Tomorrow is a film about the ‘HIV’ massacre in the early 2000s. The event affected a lot of lives as many people didn’t understand how they were going survive hence the protest for the adjustment of the human rights.

You can watch the movie on Mubi via the link below:


Run George (2021)

The comedy film that’s based on a real life person has to be the most moving film. This movie will have you laughing in stitches as the character, ‘George’ ends up in a financial rumble and has no immediate solution. This film will take you on a journey of a man who is trying to fix and ruin his life at the same time.

You can watch the film on VivaNation TV below:



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