LISTEN: AKA – The World Is Yours
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AKA Performing at the Grahamstown Arts Festival (29)

Super Mega will never chill with the dopeness will he? The rapper has made some shocking and exciting moves recently; from leaving Vth Season and starting his own record label to signing a multi million rand deal with premium vodka brand Cruz. 2016 has been a year where AKA came full circle and re-branded himself. New relationship, new music and new ventures.

The rapper is back with new music and judging by his Twitter feed and the comments on other social platforms, the fans are appreciating the new sound. The song is called The World Is Yours and he debuted this track on the seasonal finale of Idols SA this past Sunday.

This joint is more on a self-reflection steeze. He raps about his life in the public and how the paparazzi are always on his ass trying to break up the family. “Paparazzi wanna f*ck with a happy home. Shwashwi in the cut with the camera phone.” He also raps about how he was treated by “record labels” although he never mentions them by name. “Record labels acting like Suge Knight, keep it north side. Don’t ever treat me like a popeye”.

His experiences such as dating lame hoes and when he didn’t even have money, to him making big moves and leaving his mark in the world show his growth. “Thatha ama chance, Thatha ama million. Who got the buzz? Who got the spillion?” This song is about his wins and losses in both his career and his private life. You have to give him props for being honest about his life and sharing knowledge like a grootman.


The sound on this is not distinctly hip hop, it is a fusion of house, old skool R&B and a hint of hip hop. This is what makes this track special, it sounds more musical than one specific genre. Also, the synch on this joint is magical; it sounds like they sampled a familiar song. A lot of peeps were disappointed and complained that The World Is Yours is not a hip hop joint.

Take a listen to the song below, and tell us what you think!



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