LISTEN: Black Motion Show Us Their Deep Spiritual Side In New Album
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Black Motion delve deep into profound spiritual themes in new album, Moya Wa Taola

With their highly anticipated album Moya Wa Taola now finally available from today on all streaming and download platforms, Black Motion are throwing the bones to get a signal of what the future holds.

In doing so, the South African duo of Thabo “Smol” Mabogwane and Bongani “Murdah” Mohosana have created a soundtrack for all of us seeking guidance on the way forward.

Moya Wa Taola presents a musical and narrative journey, inspired by a consciousness not frequently found in South African—or even global—electronic music.

It also richly delivers on Black Motion’s purpose to make music that mirrors the journey of a traditional healer. In this instance, reflecting the essence of the healer’s calling to throw the bones and “read” what the ancestors are saying.

“Moya Wa Taola represents a body of work that is guided by the spirit of the bones. We travel a lot and create by drawing inspiration from all life experiences and in particular how people are affected by communities and their social standing,” 

says Murdah of the duo’s fifth record.

Moya Wa Taola isn’t just about music, it’s about imparting guidance through music 

Black Motion are straddling both the ancient and the innovative is visible throughout the 12 songs on Moya Wa Taola. They impart on the listener, a sense of joy, upliftment and introspection that is both rooted in the lessons and wisdom of the past and gently guided by Africa’s position as the birthplace of humankind.

In creating Moya Wa Taola Black Motion worked with a range of vocalists and lyricists, all capable of bringing to life the duo’s call for a signal. Alongside Mafikizolo, Brenden Praise, MissP, Uhuru and Lady X, there’s J.Logic and Cacharel.

All of these talented artist underscore Black Motion’s particular gift for creating the musical bedrock for Africa’s most affecting singers to shine.

Black Motion are in a path on their own brand of electronic music with a manifestly human heart; a creation that carries meaningful messages for every one of us. Moya Wa Taola is testament to that. 

Moya Wa Taola is available for purchase on all major digital stores.

Listen to their joint with Brendan Praise titled joy Joy. 



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