LISTEN: Gigi and her #UglyBoy
Published 4 years ago by

Ever since she dropped her album late last year, she has surprised plenty with how she switched up the style and brought a more cross-over appeal. We saw this when she dropped Too Much and now she is back with a new joint called My Ugly Boy.

This song is a sweet declaration of the love a girl has for what she calls “ugly boy”. We have all been in love and loved guys who our friends or family do not approve of and we have had to break up with them. In this song, Gigi is saying she doesn’t care and she loves her man the way that he is. How sweet is that?

This joint is the first one to come from the rapper this year and it dropped just in time for Valentine’s Day. My Ugly Boy has a playful beat and a familiar melody which makes it appeal to those who are not trying to blast those raw Trap or Boom Bap beats. It does have a lightheartedness about it which makes it ideal for chill sessions and such. 

I feel like this song is for people in their teens though, I did not relate to it at all. But there were those who loved it enough to tweet about it. Check out some of the tweets below!

Take a listen to the joint below and tell us what you think!


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