LISTEN: House Music Producer Msayibo Has Vision
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Whether you like it or not, South Africa will never have a shortage of House music. Although it first originated in Chicago, House Music currently has major roots in South Africa. If you disagree, you can go argue with the kids who are keeping this genre of music alive. Msayibo is one music producer who is doing just that.

Msayibo whose real name is Thokozani Msibi, launched his career back in 2012. He was an executive producer and manager on a number of commercial and indie projects.  Msayibo has collaborated with a variety of music producers such as Demor (SHANA), Sun El Musician and Museri. He has also collaborated with various vocalists such as Xelimpilo, Les-Ego and Ronelle on a variety of style and sounds.

Apart from all the collaborations he has accomplished thus far, Msayibo has received great success internationally with all his singles featured in French music compilations. These compilations include Deep Percussion Dream Ibiza Sound Vol 1&2 as well as Tribalismo Minimo Vol 1.

He recently released his latest single titled Vision, featuring accomplished producer Uhuru’s DJ Clap. Vision is a smooth and seductive Afro House track with a thrilling bassline, curious vocals and considerate percussion. Msayibo does a great job in incorporating soul and funk to this track which is on the cusp of being undoubtedly deep house.

Link up with him on Facebook and Twitter and also check out his Soundcloud page for more information. 

Peep the song below!



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