LISTEN: J Molley Previews New Music From Upcoming Album
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J Molley dropped a snippet of a new song from his upcoming album titled The Phenomenology Of The Self

J Molley has taken a break from releasing music and instead, he just came off what looks like an epic tour in Swaziland. A couple of days ago, the Flower Child hitmaker teased music that he says is off his upcoming album.

He took to his Instagram to share the clip and captioned it: “Life is ‘bout loving and learning so fuck it I’m with it… Album Coming Soon”, he promises.


J Molley’s music is generally emotive and it is layered with a sombre and sometimes moody appeal that overrides whatever subject matter the song is about.  And perhaps we can attribute this to Molley’s vocal tone but it also has to do with the perspective of the things he sings about in his music. He often puts braggadocios lines and juxtaposes that with revealing and personal lines about his state of mind. This is the charm of his music; it’s raw and honest.

The latest song sees Molley rap about a love that has stumped him because although it is over, he doesn’t want it to be. The young rapper has been in the news lately for his relationship status after breaking up with his last girlfriend and being linked to a couple since then.

“I tried with Shawty. Do I waste time or do I say bye to Shawty/ There’s more to life than just getting high with Shawty/ Pour up a 40 and sip ‘til I cry and record it.”

This new single is taken from Molley’s upcoming album which he confirms is titled The Phenomenology Of The Self. Looking forward to the new song? 

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