LISTEN: Jalettua Nuune – Jupiter Love
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By now you should know how much we fukx with new and fresh sounds right? And we dig it even more if the artists are female and standing their own. Vocalist and all around artist, Jalettua Nuune is back with a new joint, Jupiter Love

In case you didn’t know, Jalettua Nuune is a vocalist, a bloody talented one at that. Her music is a fusion of hip hop, soul, R&B, jazz, dub and indie music amongst many other styles that are not immediately identifiable. Her music is no doubt interesting and fresh and brings with it an honesty and an openness that is not apparent in the mainstream. 

She recently dropped a sweet love song, Jupiter Love, about the love that she is content with. You know, that easy going, no complications, real type of love. She colours the song with soft and soothing vocals that feel like they belong on another planet. Maybe that’s why she named it Jupiter Love. But back to the vocals, I can’t help but to think of Erykah Badu and Amel Larrieux when I hear her on this joint. This may be because of her old school type of flow and how she layers this song. It’s amazing to listen to! 

Jalettua had this to say about the song: “As a Pisces, my star sing is based in Jupiter. Jupiter is known as the planet of love which is also what the song is about. I was just kind of associating myself and the music and everything to the planet. To top it up, the producer is also called it Jupiter Love. Transcending above everything else that can kind of overwhelm you and just realizing that there’s Jupiter love, love that conquers everything.” 

Episode handled the production on this and he did quite a lovely job. The beat on its own is quite ambient and could survive as a soundtrack to some crazy dope love story. Episode also has an impressive body of work which includes The Present EP and The Lost Episodes Mixtape

You can get in touch with Jalettua Nuune on her FacebookTwitterInstagram and check out her music on Soundcloud.

Peep the song on Episodemusic.com for a free download. 



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