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LISTEN: MarazA- Black Skin (Pick and Pay The Price)



Rapper turned activist, MarazA has recently dropped his latest single, Black Skin (Pick and Pay The Price) about his racial profiling incident among many pressing issues that the youth are facing. 

MarazA raps about his racial profiling incident at at a large shopping chain a couple of weeks ago and asks a few pertinent questions, questions which the majority of young and black South Africans tackle on the daily. There is a gold mine of dope and hard hitting “Can I pursue my happiness without reminding you of Constitutional Hill” or “Tell me are you looking for a thief or are you looking for a black man?”.

He also makes mention of how Chris Hani’s death still touches him to this day and also raps about past struggle heroes who have fought for racial equality and above all their dignity as black men. 

Instead of leaving the rant on Twitter, the rapper decided to put pen to paper and express what he can only express. MarazA dug really deep for this one and not only vents and rants but also asserts his pride in his identity as a black man in South Africa in 2017. This is a dope sing and an even iller message.

Peep the song below and tell us what you think!


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