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She came out with arguably one of the hottest tracks this year featuring the Ambitiuoz Entertainment Crew. Ameni became a street anthem almost instantly, dominating charts on local radio waves. The track is still flames so Miss Pru decided to hit us with another one. This time, it’s called Ugesi – which means electricity – and man does it live up to its name.

Miss Pru DJ Ugesi Single Art

Still working with her Ambitiouz Entertainment stall mates, she enlists the talents of Emtee, Sjava, Saudi, Neo and Flame. The track is about the crew not letting up on the heat that they are dropping on the industry.

The track sounds eerily similar to Ameni and it makes sense because that has become the trademark sound associated with the Ambitiouz crew. Plus Miss Pru is still in the process of finding her sound since she recently made the shift from making house music to making hip hop music. The raw trap beat, the tribal chanting and that hypnotizing baseline matched with the variety of styles on the beat makes the track memorable. Plus whoever is on the hook is killing it.

Miss Pru DJ Ugesi Single Art

Emtee and Sjava’s verses are ill and they are really showing off; “effortless, effortless”. They are showing the new kids exactly what they mean by African Trap Music. The one flop is that because everybody is familiar with Emtee, Saudi and Sjava and their style, there is no way of knowing who Neo and Flame are on the track. Otherwise, the track is a banger and already on it’s way to become a street anthem. Dlala Miss Pru.

The fans came out to share what they thought of the track and the reviews are glowing, check some of the tweets out:

You can hear the track here and download it here.

Check out the track below!


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