LISTEN: Reason Drops Love Ballad Dedicated To Loot Love
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Rapper, Reason has caused mayhem as he surprises fans with the release of Top Seven, a song produced by The Boys Upstairs. After dropping his Love Girls Album earlier this year, Reason returns with this beautiful ballad to end off 2017.

The new single released early yesterday to surprised fans, showcases Reason’s ability to continuously incorporate a classic Sample from Anita Baker with the young and upcoming producers. This melodic body of work derived from a childhood game played koKasi, taps into a story of a break up between two lovers or lovers that cannot be together due to circumstance.

This song reminds us of what Reason has been doing since he broke into the scene and this is the gift of storytelling and the ease with which he expresses himself. Plus he gives us insight into the start of his and Loot Love’s relationship: “…snapping photos, pictures worth a thousand rumors/ Told us we was on before we even started going/ pap smears, they saw it before we started showing”.

Their relationship has always been shrouded in rumors and looked down upon because Reason was married at the time. They officially came out as a couple in March of this year when Reason dropped the juice in a series of tweets. 

The rest of the song is him gushing over her, “….there’s nothing above you but my son and my daughter and the heavens around you because you are a goddess”. And just in case you thought we are thumb sucking the fact that it’s for his bae, cav’ this line: “…cause we’re surrounded by hate love that come with the game/ got a couple of real ones and some of them fake/ long as we got real love, who care what they say/ because your name is all love and that I believe”. 

Peep the song below!


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