LISTEN: Trill.Gxd Drops Trillusion EP #TrapTuesday
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Electronic Sangoma artist, Trill.Gxd dropped his debut EP, Trillusion EP, without any type of warning. The 3 track EP serves as the first release from the Electronic Sangoma camp in 2018 and it falls nothing short of awesome.

We first caught wind of Trill.Gxd when he dropped the hypnotic Trap Soul joint, Last Seen, where he featured alongside label mate and fellow rapper, Humphrxy. We were intrigued by his sound and his EP serves us exactly what we thought we would never expect from him.

When speaking to Trill.Gxd, he described this EP as an introduction to his sound, stating: “This EP is just an introduction to what Trill.Gxd is really all about. Humphrxy and I have been working on some songs for a while now and we figured that these 2 songs best describe my brand.”He continues to state that he does not know how to best describe the type of music that he is making except that “it’s a play on Trap music and Heavy Metal.”

Praising its ability to appeal to the listener, he says about the EP: “If you listen to it you’re guaranteed to jump or maybe punch someone in the face because of the excitement it will inject in you.”

Label-mate, Humphrxy, is responsible for the production on all the songs listed in the EP. He does a wonderful job of helping him find his signature sound and create something special to go with Trill.Gxd’s unusual sound and style.

Trill.Gxd serves as the first release of the Durban-based record label and is by no means the last. We are expecting a debut project from Humphrxy himself, which he revealed will drop this coming Autumn. That will be followed by the label’s first music event known as 808MidnightCrisis, which will also be hosted this coming Autumn. It is clear that the label is hard at work and plans to make a good impression this year.

Listen to the EP below!

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