Looking At What Made Scorpion Kings Special A Week Before The Second Instalment
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With just a week left from the release of The second instalment of the Scorpion Kings EP. We take a step back and look at what made the first instalment a cardinal for the genre and marked the turning point for Amapiano.
It would come as no surprises to most if said that Scorpion Kings was the turning point to the longevity debate about Amapiano. Scorpion Kings marks the sonic boom of Amapiano as this is where we starting noticing that Amapiano is a viable genre with a foreseeable future.

Kabza De Small x DJ Maphorisa – Scorpion Kings EP

A clean and polished new era was introduced to us with the arrival of Scorpion Kings. The dry, woody bass became saturated and full, and the sometimes overcooked hi-hats came to a timid end. For the first time, we took the time to listen without dancing. Straddling the line between Dance and Deep House, Scorpion Kings saw the conversions of the naysayers to yes men.
The first track on the project, Amantombazane featuring Samthing Soweto gave us a first commercial glimpse of clean lyrics on an Amapiano track. Following after string of highly controversial lyrics from tracks like Ur Sheetee. This style of lyrical delivery remains a staple to the Amapiano genre to this day and we frankly do not mind it. Scorpion kings also gave us gems Like Lerato featuring Bontle Smith and Vula Vala which had Vigro Deep and Nokwazi.

Top Tacks

Amantombazane (feat. Samthing Soweto)

Dubai (feat. Sandy MRD & Vigro Deep)

Scorpion Kings (feat. Kaybee Sax)

Vula Vala (feat. Nokwazi & Vigro Deep)

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