Loui Lvndn Talks Concept Behind New Album
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He may as well be the one to change the direction of SA music all together! For real, Loui Lvndn is doing the things. The electric artist recently dropped his debut album, Your Princess Is In Another Castle, a 16 track effort. 

Loui Lvndn, (pronounced “London”) is a singer, songwriter, rapper, performing artist, visual artist and writer. He has since evolved into the genre defying and genre unifying art/fun house he is today. Loui Lvndn self-released his debut EP Hikari (“the light”) in mid-2016. It’s described as “a kaleidoscope of bespoke musical brilliance” and it features the likes of South African raised and Europe breakout artists Petite Noir and Spoek Mathambo. 

His latest album, Your Princess Is In Another Castle is proving to be just as experimental and inventive as his debut EP, Hikari, if not more. With a sound which can only be described as a mash up of hip hop, punk rock and a whole lot of soul, Loui Lvndn is as fearless and bold with the direction of the music! 

We caught up with the phenomenal artist and spoke in depth about the inspiration behind the album. He also broke down the process behind putting the album together considering the fact that this is quite a conceptual album. We thought this was quite creative. A digital novel! He also spoke about how long it took to write and record the music. 

Check out the interview below! 



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