Mad On Dough Releases New Single For 2018 Titled Mr Lover Ft. Jolondy
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Durban based duo Mad On Dough will be releasing their brand new single for the year together with Trap vocalist, Jolondy who is signed to Muthaland Entertainment previously known as Ghetto Ruff. The Rap Duo have announced the release of their brand new single titled Mr Lover featuring Jolondy which will drop on 24th of January 2018.

Produced by Checkmate SA, who is one of the in house producers for Mad On Dough and groomed by the likes of Maraza, the single is nothing short of a hit. With a soothing flute and medium paced hip hop kicks and snares, the duo tells their story about a high school crush who was picked up by cars while they were still in high school. 

Jolondy emphasizes the story with the hook stating how he keeps on falling in love with the same girl who keeps bringing misery. The song is a throwback of how township guys grow up to like girls who mature faster than them, and fast forward to the present; how they made it in life because of that experience.

Great production and great storytelling make this song one to take note of. Well done gents! 

Listen to Mr Lover below and download it here.  



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