Major League complains on lack of Government support
Published 3 years ago by

Major League call out for help from the Government and local municipalities to support and aid them in their Bi-Annual Major League Gardens Event which is packed to the rafters without fail every time. The twin duo’s frustration stems from the fact that the local Gauteng or Polokwane municipalities never support them even after investing in the cities and promoting a positive public image of the city. They claim that “Johannesburg, one of the biggest social event across South Africa. We bring the youth together in it numbers (Thousands) come hail or snow…literally. Not once has any government department or anyone of sorted supported us.”

They continued to tweet that they will keep doing their thing without the aid and support of local governments, “Anyway we going to rock. With or without support. Numbers don’t lie. And our people don’t too. And there again. Support doesn’t mean monetary value. But support with state infrastructure, JOC, JMPD etc…..”

Do you think that local governments should invest more in their local events and this kind of entrepreneurship? Will the inclusion of the local municipalities improve the nature of the events? We would like to hear what you have to say.



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