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Major League DJs Respond To Shekhinah’s Diss song



Did you know this? A few months after the rising star Shekhinah released her debut album titled ‘Rose Gold’. The project received great reviews and high acclaim from industry experts and professionals.

On the album, Shekhinah name drops a few names she was previously affiliated with like The Wolfpack, a famous unnamed Dj, and The Major League DJs. On her song ‘Thirsty’ she says

I don’t play in major league

I know that the brothers know that

they are trying to run away from paying me

And once again the man texts to leave

I guess I’ll just take a vaccine and sip on my tea

Try keeping on my feet but it’s just hard to do

I just act a fool

Call me what you want

Funny with those dudes I don’t gat a wolf pack

Ain’t nobody ever had my back

I know u ain’t the finest DJ in my land

You think I need you to do what I do

The lyrics suggest that The Major League DJs tried to worm themselves out of paying the singer after doing performing at their show. The lyrics of the song resurfaced yesterday after a fan brought it up to the DJs and they responded with a screenshot of a conversation they had with her regarding payments.

We have been wondering why Shekhinah has been distant from her Day One homies The Wolfpack but it’s quite apparent that they had a falling out that compromised their relationship which is quite unfortunate. We would like to know what you think. Share your thoughts with us in our comment section below.


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AKA Chats Platinum Plaques & Redefining What Accolades Mean To Him



We recently caught up with the Supa Mega, AKA who celebrated a huge milestone last week. The multi talented rapper and businessman hosted an intimate gathering to receive his several plaques for the outstanding work he did on his album, Touch My Blood.

He received a platinum plaque for both Touch My Blood and Fela In Versace featuring Kiddominant and gold for both Beyonce and StarSigns featuring Stogie T. This is a major deal!

Supa Mega has been on a winning streak

Supa Mega has been on a winning streak since 2016 with him releasing his joint project with Anatii which included several music videos. He had also been on his Supa Mega Tour and when that ended came the Touch My blood tour. This saw the rapper hard at work so it’s understandable that he is a little burnt out.  

“I’m tired. Not physically tired, I’m just more emotionally tired, spiritually tired, mentally tired but it’s okay because we did what we came to do. I poured my heart and soul into the album and people really could feel that”, he expresses. And the results have paid off because the accolades and the recognition he has received since this album was released has been the most he has received since he began his career.

On how he is redefining what accolades mean to him

He shared some insights on how he has remained relevant for as long as he had. He touched on authenticity as one of the key things that artists have to uphold to stay winning.

“Just make what you need to make and put it out there. People recognize and appreciate authenticity. Just be authentic, be original and be sincere and heartfelt,” he says.

It’s been a while since AKA has submitted for any awards and he mentioned that he is considered it since he has the number one selling album in the country. But he questioned the motive to get involved in the awards when he has already won the hearts of many South Africans. The platinum plaque is proof of that.

“Isn’t the award to be the highest played artist? Isn’t the award to be the most booked artist? Isn’t the award to have people f*ck with your music?”.

These are very important questions and no doubt something that artists on the come up can question about the product they put out. Well done Supa Mega. 

Peep the rest of the interview! 

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