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Make Up Looks To Rock This Wedding Season



It may not look and feel it out there but trust us, it’s still summer and the wedding season is officially upon us! Whether you’re getting married, have the honour of being a bridesmaid, or are simply attending as an esteemed guest at a wedding this December; we bet you’re going to want a flawless make-up look for your upcoming glam do!

If you’re clueless as to what facebeat you want but already have a make-up artist on lock, we have a few suggestions for you. Alternatively, if you can also do the damn thing with them brushes, then why not let these celebrity make-up looks inspire your look for that upcoming wedding.

Here are flawless looks you can try out:


Pick a nude shade lipstick in any varying hue to complement a strong face or effortlessly tone your face down.


Stay low-key and keep your look natural with neutral-toned shades. This is perfect for those who want to get away with the “I woke up like this” look.

High Drama

High fashion make up is best left for night-time slays! Opt for this bold look if you’re attending an evening ceremony.

Glow God

Let your make up be the highlight of your day with highlights and bronzers that scream, “I’m a glow goddess”.

Vibrant Eyes 

If eyes are the windows to the soul, let yours shine through with vibrant colours in bold eyeshadow pallets and liners.


Flawless foundation is the plug to getting that perfect make-up look; choose the wrong shade and you’ve already lost the game before its even started! Foundation can make or break your look so lay yours down good by making sure you select the correct shade for your skin tone; blend it well and give the neck area some much-needed attention too.

With these looks, we guarantee slayage at your wedding gig. In all this hotness, however, just make sure that your facebeat goes with the theme; feel and ambiance of the wedding. And remember, never upstage the bride…ever.

Which look are you likely to try this wedding season? Do let us know.

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PICS! Celeb Who SLAY The Ponytail Look!



PHOTOS – We check out the best ponytails in town!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the flyest pony of them all? When it comes to beauty this summer, it seems like celebrities are taking the easier route!

The ultimate ponytail can be worn differently and we have the scoop for you! From smooth to sleek, curly or straight, you can dress it up for any occasion and still look fancy!

Media personality Lerato Kganyago is forever changing hairstyles and setting trends. We fell in love with this breathtaking creation by celebrity stylist, Jabu Mayisela. We’re loving the perfectly smooth edges!

lerato kganyago

Khanya Mkhangisa’s oozes confidence in her signature hairstyle. She has worn it cute, casual and natural to enhance her features. The star added extensions for extra volume and snatched her hair back to show off her striking facebeat and pout game.

khanya mkhangisa

Radio personality Thando Thabethe is seen channeling her inner Diana Ross at this year’s Sun Met which took place in Cape Town. Celebrity hairstylist Lajawi made sure to create this demure look with cascading curls for instant texture and a hint of glam. The beaut certainly looks camera ready and it’s not a bad idea to have our own disco queen right?

thando thabethe

She pretty much rocks the best weaves on The Queen and it’s refreshing to see this beaut wear her hair in this sleek bun. 

Actress Dineo Moeketsi was part of the Glamours Most Glamorous Women in 2017 and it’s no wonder she turns heads with this feminine and classy look!

dineo moeketsi

Wuz Dat? Throughout the years, this celebrated rapper has styled, coloured and worn her hair differently. Boity always keeps fans on their toes! This braided pony is simplistic and charming.

I absolutely love playing around with my hair and exploring different looks, colours and styles! I wonder what’s next!

she said on Instagram.

boity thulo

Which ponytail stood out for you?

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