Maphorisa Plugs Mindlo The Vocalist To Jidenna!
Published 3 years ago by

It has been an interesting few weeks for Mindlo The Vocalist. The Internet sensation has a crazy come up which has changed his life for the better overnight. We all know that when it comes to stardom, overnight does not necessarily mean someone’s life changed in 24 hours… Just had to clear that up.

If you were not aware, Mindlo was spotted on the socials by DJ Maphorisa after a video of the vocalist trended as he was jamming with a guitarist performing his own cover renditions of songs like Akanamali and many other popular songs. This obviously sparked interest in Maphorisa who lately has an eye for talent. After starting his Indie label ‘BlaqBoy Music’ in 2017, he has scooped talents like Zingah (formally known as Smashis) and now Mindlo The Vocalist.

Mindlo was plugged by his new boss Maphorisa to international star Jidenna, who is a close friend to Maphorisa for a collaboration. We are excited to hear what the two have created in the studio. Check out some clips of Mindlo The Vocalist singing like a songbird:



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