Mblee Is Handling Her Own #KFCSoundbite Feature
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Mblee is known for being one of two ladies who handled and stood her own against the gents in the competition on Vuzu’s The Hustle. We caught up with her and as part of #KFCSoundbite and she let us in on what she has been working on.

The Johannesburg born rapper is clearly doing things right and has not slowed down since appearing on the show. She told us that she is fighting for the “femme rap struggle” because she believes that it is tough for a female rapper to break into the industry.

She laments that there are a lot of talented female rappers out there and plenty of them have reached out to her since her appearance on The Hustle. “The industry is so male-dominated that it is so difficult for you as a female to come on,” she expresses. She does say that she’s fighting and breaking those barriers by using her platform. “Us as honies need to polish up our skills, get on that level and create our own game”. 

Her song, Finessing is on the KFC Soundbite app and she spoke briefly about it as being her experience of coming into the industry. “Finessing is about breaking all those barriers and finally reaching your goal”, she says. She will dropping the music video for her latest joint, Finessing, this coming Friday. 

Peep the video below!


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