Meet the #AwesomeFoursome team behind Skinny Sbu Socks
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We had the honour and privilege of having lunch with Sibusiso Ngwenya, who is the Founder and Head Designer of Skinny Sbu Socks, an authentic luxury sock brand designed and manufactured right here in Mzansi! He wasn’t alone though, He was accompanied by his team members, Tshepo Mohlala, also known as Tshepo The Jean Maker, Arthur Dlamini who is the photographer as well as well as Mbuso who is a journalism graduate and together they make an incredible #AwesomeFoursome who #CelebrateDifferent through their dynamic & very unique personalities they bring as individual “flavours” to each collaborative project. 

They share a crazy work ethic and their energies are aligned, they even have an anthem for their movement, the hook goes something like;

“TNS! TNS! We the best, We the best! Si funi’cash, Si funi’cash! Si funa’zonke, Si funa’zonke! Si push’ijean Si push’isokisi! Si’phushi’istayela Si’phushi’

We believe it takes at least 4 people to complete a task / project and each brings a different flavour to the project and this is what makes it an awesome project because of the different personalities & characters involved. While each team member enjoyed their chosen flavour from the delicious Debonairs Pizza Awesome Foursome™, they shared with us what they are getting up to in 2018 and what makes their role in each project important.

Arthur – Photographer

Mbuso – Radio Personality

Tshepo – Jeanmaker

Sibusiso – Skinny Sbu Socks

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