Metropolitan Museum of Art Set to Feature Iconic Thebe Magugu Dress
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Thebe Magugu announces that soon one of his most iconic pieces, called “Girl Seeks Girl” is set to appear in the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Image Source: @thebetsilem Instagram

With a collection of over 33 000 items stemming back centuries right through to today, the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art has it all. And this year, they prepare to introduce yet another addition to their collection, Thebe Magugu’s, “Girl Seeks Girl” Dress. To announce the exciting news, Magugu took to his brand’s Instagram page writing:

“Proud to announce that The Costume at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (@metmuseum) in New York has acquired our “Girl Seeks Girl” Dress from A/W18’s HOME ECONOMICS collection “to preserve it as an example of outstanding contemporary design”. “

Further elaborating on how the creation of the dress came about, Magugu went on to explain his collaboration with talented artist, Phathu Nembwili, saying:

“This dress – done in collaboration with artist Phathu Nembwili (@phathudesigns_illustrations), who creates beautiful and celebratory illustrations of women – has always been incredibly special to me. A woman leans on to the shoulder’s of another, which-at a difficult time in South Africa’s current history – signifies that women really need one another now more than ever because there is clearly a war that rages against them.”

Image Source: @thebetsilem Instagram

Lastly, with International Women’s Month coming to an end, Magugu concluded his caption by reminding us to always appreciate the sacrifices made by women in obtaining the democracy we now have today, saying:

“Today – on Huma Rights Day in South Africa – lets remember the sacrifices so many people, particularly women, gave for the democracy we enjoy today and continue to treat one another with peace, love and respect.”

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