MFR Soul Teases New Music On Social Media
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House music from the inception has been a bootleg genre. Taking already well-known songs and remixing, cutting and pasting, and rearranging them. Essentially highlighting only the best part of the most memorable parts of any song.

This bootleg culture has perpetuated a stereotype that House music is by no means musical. That couldn’t be far from the truth as for the actual meaning of the word.


relating to music.
“they shared similar musical tastes”
having a pleasant sound; melodious or tuneful.


MFR Souls are a duo group that mainly produce Amapiano a genre known for bootlegging tracks. MFR souls have worked with various artist and on various tracks with other producers. You might recognise their sound from tracks that they co-produced alongside Prince Kaybee for that debuted in his Re’ Mmino Album titled Rockets and their contribution in Scorpion kings on the track Amantombazane.


So in keeping with the spirit of House music, MFR Souls have released a snippet of a new track that they have been cooking up. This song that was sampled by MFR souls might sound familiar to you and if it does, you probably recognise it from Riky Rick’s Stay Shining song.

MFR souls take on Amapiano is more coherent with the Deeper sounds of House music giving their music a notably more soulful sound. This also resonates thought this track as well and fits mortifyingly well with the sampled track.

The track that is was sampled is a Crystal Waters track titled Gypsy Woman. A 90’s song that still holds modern-day appeal. The Amapiano take on this track is very modest and laidback staying true to their sound. This is a song that I expect to make rounds in any turn-up spots.

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