Most Hilarious #IfDAWins Predictions
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Oh but this country is too lit though! Can we just be serious about something for once? Our ability to laugh at or while in tragic situations is definitely our saving grace. The 2016 municipal elections have come and gone and the country waits with bated breath for the results to be announced.

In the meantime, Mzansi is having a field day with memes and tweets on what could happen if a different political party (other than the ANC) comes into power. One of the best hashtags trending is the #IfDAWins hashtag, which sees South Africans coming up with hypothetical scenarios and predictions of what Mzansi would be like, IF the DA wins.

Here are a few #IfDAWins tweets and memes we found, that are too buck not to share:

According to South Africans, #IfDAWins; programs will take a different turn.



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Top billing after the elections results.

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And #IfDAWins, this is what our musicians will look like.



#IfDAWins, life as we know it in Mzansiville will change to this.




This Twitter user took a jibe at the ANC who in previous years told the country that it would rule till Jesus comes! 

You’ve got to love South Africa though! We are a bunch of hilarious people!

What’s been your most hilarious #IfDAWins prediction?

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